Our Mission:

We want to change the image of science, and promote scientists and engineers to the rockstar status. We want to show the general audience (and especially K-12) that science can be as cool as an extreme sport, and that scientists can be awesome individuals working on awesome things. We want to give younger generations new idols to look up to, and new topics to gain interest in.

Our mission is not to provide educational material, but to provide a door to educational material. If the promotional science and engineering videos from our competition catch the attention of young people, those same young people will want to learn more, and will get pulled into the educational videos and classes that are becoming popular online.

We don't just want to target the youngster that already wants to be a scientist - we want to target the youngster that never would have thought science could be as cool as skateboarding or skiing.

The People

Zoya Bylinskii: Organizer

Zoya is a graduate student in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) at MIT. In her research, she tries to predict and simulate human memory and attention. She is also deeply interested in education and science communication to the general public. Her philosophy is that given the right tools, language, and examples, almost anything can be explained to almost anyone!

Adrian Dalca: Organizer

Adrian is a graduate student in CSAIL at MIT. His research focuses on medical image analysis and the interaction of imaging phenotypes with genetics for clinical diseases. He has a side passion for computational photography and vision. Adrian is also interested in working on platforms for promoting science (like sciex) and stimulating education (like the miccai educational challenge).

Corey Walsh: Web Designer and Developer

Corey is an MIT CS major, in the Class of 2017. He's interested in computer vision, human-computer interaction, and signal analysis - along with a variety of outside hobbies such as audio engineering and photography.

He created - and continues to improve - this website; he hopes for it become a center for awesome content and inspiration. If you like his work, feel free to check out his other stuff!